The Playground of life

We are a village that nurtures the full potential of future generations, together.

We support you and your family in reclaiming your joy, curiosity and authentic nature during these times of change


You may not quite feel ready to have your child go back to school under the current conditions. And that is totally ok. If you are feeling a bit uncertain, like most of us are, you have found the right place – less pressure to rush into it all right now, while having easy access to holistic guidance for your child, a true community they feel safe in, and a space to talk to many other parents and explore alternative learning options.  

There has never been a better time to explore a new way!


The SOLO Journey

An Experience For Your Child

Have you been looking for a way that supports your child in their own rhythm? Do you feel that they have unique gifts and talents that are missed in the context of big classrooms?

It is completely normal to feel that packing lunch, rushing out of the home each morning is not optimal for the well being of you or your family. Sometimes, your child may have a stomach ache, needing to rest longer. You may be moving slower some morning as you are on your moon cycle or forgot to pre make meals over the weekends. This is how our bodies move naturally. They pause to listen and connect to emotions, and cycles of nature. They are not meant to function the same way each and every day.

This is why we have created a flexible and holistic framework for your child to enjoy!

Our diverse team of mentors are here to nurture the potential that already exists within your child.

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It also offers you an opportunity to continue exploring  while things may be changing out in the world. You have the option to jump into a few days of active learning a week to supplement your current learning or to act as a support system for you.  

In the Children's Playground

The Playground Of Life

This is our exclusive Intro price only for first 100 families


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Sessions work out to less than a cup of coffee each day!

Once signed up, please spread the word! Having more in this space allows us to bring more to you!   

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

- Aristotle


An Experience For You as a Parent or Educator, and Children.

This will give YOU and your child an opportunity share, and grow together. Imagine your child witnessing their parent being a life-long learner? How would it inspire them?

They would likely see learning very differently. Not as a chore as most of us saw it, but something that is desirable, or better yet, a privilege. Especially when done with others who cheer you on, rather than compete with you. The greatest gift we offer children is to model the values and behaviours we wish to see in them. And being a student in the school we call LIFE is certainly one of them!

Through this unlearning process, you, as a parent or educator, will find ways to connect more deeply with your child(ren) more deeply by moving through your own self inquiry. Where am I holding back? Where has the conditioning from my own upbringing getting into the way of me fully seeing the potential of the child before me? How can I let myself be more open and freer to new ways, and not take everything so seriously?

Through this, you will have access to an exclusive parenting forum, in which we will help you:

  • Make learning in the household natural, without the pressures of being a ‘perfect’ parent or overscheduling your child 
  • Have a diverse, supportive group of teachers and community around you, to remind you that you are not alone
  • Have a piece of mind in knowing that you are the right parent for your child, and that you are doing just great 

Option 1: The Balancing Act – a 4-week experience focused on reclaiming balance in your life. This is an invitation to ditch the long days, rushed drop offs and the chronic exhaustion.

BONUS: With an enrollment in The Balancing Act, you will receive 3 complimentary months of learning through the virtual playground for one child!

Option 2: The ReConnection Project – a 6-month deep dive into creating a new foundation of beliefs for you and your legacy, with 6 months extra bonus support after! This program is a blend of therapeutic facilitation, parenting coaching and energetic healing. This is an opportunity to detoxify your body and mind from years of conditioning, so you can create an environment and a lasting connection with your child to have them thrive. This is all done without having to leave your own home!

This program is by application only. Apply today!

BONUS: With an enrollment in The ReConnection Project, you will receive 6 free months for up to 2 children (if you do not have any of your own, you can gift this to students you know!)

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

- Alexander Den Heijer

Accessibility. Flexibility. And Ease

We all need a village at our fingertips. Those to see us. Hold us. Love us. Wherever we may find ourselves. Consistently and without fail.We need to walk this authentic parenting journey together, so we can support one another in nurturing safe environments for growth. And children need to know they are more than enough as they are. Though all of their ebbs and flow.


Child’s role

Be curious to new ways. Learn to trust the experiences. Respect others. Set boundaries for what works for you or not, and learn to communicate those directly.

Parents’ role

Stay open and see each challenge as an opportunity. Honour teacher’s authority in classroom. To understand what learning offers beyond performance and grades. Dive into own work to meet child and close the gap through own personal work. Honour child’s need for emotional exploration. Commit to doing less in the day. Continue to re evaluate values of the family, and the individual child yet honouring that school decisions will be made for betterment of collective.

Mentors’ role

Treated and seen as a family elder. To look beyond grades and skills and help child express through love and safety, not fear or performance anxiety. Honour differences. Support emotional development and awareness of child. Connect child to new possibilities. Nurture authentic gifts of the child.


Ensuring foundational principles and values of the schools are incorporated into teachings. Creating balanced and accessible portals of energetic, emotional, physical and rational learnings in one, integrated space. Overseeing that monthly themes are interwoven into sessions and that parents are being engaged. Ensuring that child has opportunity to bring learnings home. They meet regularly to ensure consistency and continuity in learning foundation.


Traditional teaching methods are not aligned with emerging cognitive and emotional research. With rapidly escalating anxiety and depression rates in our youth, we understand the need for new ways of support and learning to be introduced.

This is not a regular learning space, but rather one that supports a balanced perspective on supporting the beautiful spirit of children as they are, and preparing the child for a world that does not yet exist. We are here to create a bridge into the unknown together, yet encourage you to consider alternative options if you are focused on your child’s academic performance. The mental and emotional well-being of the child remains our first priority, as we believe that this is the essential foundation to developing with ease and fulfillment, rather than through struggle.


What if parents are unengaged, not supportive of the child’s natural development?

We will have a conversation to understand if the parent’s goals are aligned with that of our program. If not, we will perhaps encourage an unenrollment of the child

What is the value of doing the parenting wellness programs you offer?

This gives you a chance to really meet your child where they are at. Most of our own education has taught us to get away from the very thing we want – connection with our children. This unlearning path for parents helps free them from stories and conditioning of the past, that is neither beneficial to them or their child. It is one that lends itself to families solidifying their foundation of unconditional love and acceptance.

What curriculum do students follow?

We do not follow standard curriculum. We do not believe that long hours and rigid frameworks support the individual needs of children, particularly emotionally. Our faculty has a rich background in everything from experiential curriculum design to traditional early education to trauma-informed counselling. We pride ourselves on the focus to re humanize learning.

Why are sessions mixed ages? And when do they run?

We believe that children learn exponentially when they are supported by children of different viewpoints. Varying ages in a group often lead to developing greater acceptance and patience in a child. Younger children also have an opportunity to practice their leadership and voices amongst older children. The session runs daily from Monday to Friday on Pacific Standard Time. For children who attend traditional school or homeschool full-time, evening and weekend workshop video recordings and exercises will be offered soon.

Who is this not for?

If you are looking for all-day childcare or a full 6 to 8-hour academically-driven agenda, this would not be the learning space of choice. We recognize the need for children to rest, and have flexibility in their days. And to communicate with their closest counterparts routinely, until they have built a safe emotional foundation. Our model hopes to bring families closer together, while being integrated in community.

How do you prepare children for the future without a full curriculum?

We are not here to prepare them for the competitive and economically-focused workplace that once existed, but rather a new workplace that is now emerging– one that is founded on collaboration, kindness, creativity and authenticity.

What is your goal with the child?

We are focused on nurturing the whole child, as they develop into healthy and resilient humans who have built the capacity to solve problems in a meaningful way. We lead them to stand in a purpose that is aligned with their natural way of being and intrinsic values, while minding others with respect and kindness. We aim to create a desire for the art of living – where transition between work and home life is seamless, easy and integrated, as one supports the other.

Do I attend the sessions with my child?

We stand by the village concept – children feel more confident and comfortable in the presence of their parents, as long as the parent is not projecting their own beliefs or expectations on that child. For online sessions, we ask that parents are within earshot in case of any technical difficulties for child. At live events, parents must be present even if they are sitting outside the circle, observing. No child is to be left unattended at the in-person events. 

How do you support parents, and what do you expect from them?

There are two programs to dive into the projections and beliefs they are bringing from their own childhood to their relationship with their child, and others (tandem experience)

How do you deal with children’s behaviourial problems?

We will report to the parent if we are noticing lack of respect for others. We will suggest counsellors and support for both parent and child at this stage, specifically 1-1 assistance outside of the sessions

Do you accommodate children with special needs?

Yes, absolutely. They are to be accompanied with a caregiver 

Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember.

- Benjamin Franklin