The Playground of Life

We are a village that nurtures the full potential of future generations, together.

We support you and your family in reclaiming your joy, curiosity and authentic nature during these times of change

Why have we made life so complex? Why has learning become so high-pressure for everyone involved? 

We are being guided to return to our natural way of being – joyful, present, alive and accepting.

Just the way your child was born, and you too were born. 

Life is really an adventure, full of growth every step of the way. We are all meant to be lifelong learners, and accept the ebbs and flow every step of the way!  

Here is what you get in the playground

  • Daily live sessions for children with diverse mentors
  • Monthly workshop for families
  • Regular integration exercises
  • Exclusive parenting community and support
  • Parenting and alternative education resources
  • Live Fireside Chats twice monthly with founder, Ashley
  • Priority registration in our wellness programs for parents

We learn and experience life fully through the natural world. That which is within us and that which is outside of us.

- Ashley Avinashi

We help transition learning from

Forced learning

Natural learning

Skills to create a productive society

innate, creative gifts to foster joy

Intellect-oriented learning

intuition-based learning

Overstimulation through technology and homework

deeper presence and sensory engagement

Sitting within four walls

movement and play in the natural world

Highly structured

flexibility within the structure

Individual performance based

Community based

Denial of social-emotional as a foundation

Emotion and compassion based

Hierarchically based

a beginner lens across generations and roles


The playground is focused on helping families embrace the natural path of life literacy. 

In helping parents unlearn over the years, it is clear what child need most at this age and stage – to be fully seen and accepted in their uniqueness and curious exploration, while having the practices to grow in their personal responsibility with time.

For this, the sessions are categorized into various themes of literacy, to help children experience integrated literacy of life– not just literacy that applied to use of the intellect or workplace. 

We encourage daily repair, restoration and relaxation for body, mind and soul for optimal learning and brain development, so if session 3 is all you can be a part of, that would be a fantastic start!

Adults can also be supported in becoming more adaptable and open in a changing world, while meeting their children more deeply on the path of learning. The unlearning journey begins with our at-home Wellness Programs

Here are the themes for children’s sessions - 

The path ahead allows you to:

  • Be a part of a curious and open community, who is willing to adapt to changing times
  • Foster safe connection and expression of oneself across generations
  • Explore how much rest and play would actually have you and your child thrive optimally
  • Listen to your body and the natural world, and have that support your learning path

The best evidence of human creativity is our trajectory through life. We create our own lives. And these powers of creativity, manifested in all the ways in which human beings operate, are at the very heart of what it is to be a human being.

- Sir Ken Robinson


We have incorporated the following guiding values into each and everything that is experienced in the playground.
We believe in parenting authentically, and raising children from the heart.
Not from a textbook or some unachievable conscious ideals.

Raising Humanity Guiding Principles

Raising Humanity's guiding principles are woven into all learning areas. These include emotional awareness, curiosity, connection, compassion, respect for differences, resilience and integration.

Personal responsibility is also a focal point throughout your experience with us. By this, we mean:

1. a respect for all teachers and peers

2. a sincere commitment for both the parent and child to view learning through a beginner's lens.

If you are in search of a learning space that prioritizes academic performance of your child over their full potentiality, this would not be the place for you.

Our goal is to nurture the whole human at a pace that they can receive the teachings, through mind, body and heart.

Our hope? To create lifelong learners, who look back and remember the joy of their childhood.