Have you ever wondered why some kids just don't LOVE school?

Or they either struggle with math?

Or get fidgety while sitting at their desks? Or come home more anxious than when they left? 

The truth is that most of the learning principles and methods that are used today are outdated. 

They are often removed from practical application to our daily life, and from honouring our natural ways as humans. The true needs that are fundamental to development, such as safe emotional connection, are dismissed. Often leading to a disengaged and disempowered adults, who are challenged to understand themselves and others.

Yet, we are now moving towards deeper connection as a human race. Which means that large classrooms that are driven by outcomes and objectives can put a tremendous amount of pressure our children, from an early age. 

Most school agendas are focused on preparing children for the workplace. But with the workplace changing so rapidly, are we preparing them for working in a way that is becoming obsolete? 

We all know how much more effective we are in absorbing new learnings when we feel safe, seen, and nourished. We also know that not everyday is meant to look the same. 

In helping parents on the unlearning path, we see that most are having to reverse what they have learned in the first 7 years of their lives. Many who are still living in the patterns they acquired then, are finding it difficult to adapt to a world that is evolving towards higher awareness and authenticity. What this leads to for parents is waves of anxiety, depression, chronic illness and more, as they are unable to connect with who they truly are and allow for what brings them joy. 

We are all unique, and have individual gifts that are meant to be expressed fully. And so, a one-size-fits-all approach is not responsible. We are all walking with a different imprint from our childhoods, our cultures and our societies. For this, we will naturally see an acceleration towards using intuition, over intellect, in the next generation. An escalation of curiosity and creativity, over control and conformity. A dramatic upswing in purpose, over profit. 

The questions to ask at this time of change are ‘Do they need more time to play? To rest? To connect with their families? To nurture their innate wisdom through less stimulation and activity? Do they need peers around them who are also open with their feelings? To listen to the wisdom of elders? To be exposed to more cultural differences sooner in life? To learn to listen to their bodies, and the earth beneath their feet? Perhaps it is to be in true community, where they are not competing with one another. Or to dance and move more to music?

If we slowed down the need to get them ‘somewhere,’ or to do something productive, would we see that rising emotional unrest, anxiety and depression in our children take a turn for the better? Would we have healthier and more connected children? Would we see that parents are more focused and productive when they are working,  as they are no longer worried about their children’s well being? 

We may just find that in the name of ‘progress,’ not only our children’s lives are being affected, but ours are as well, as parents. We know we need a kinder world, that is rooted in compassion for our differences.

A shift towards learning more naturally, in a way that does not feel forced or inauthentic for the parent, child and teacher, will take some exploration. It will also take all of us being curious and forgiving of challenges and mistakes along the way. 

But, we have found ourselves here as we are keen on creating a new way. In our heart of hearts, we may know that we were not actually thriving before schools closed. So remember, it is very new territory AND we are not meant to do this alone. We are not wired to live in nuclear family units as we are, without a village, or safe connection. 

Let’s expand this village to be one in which self assured, emotionally connected and empowered children can be raised, knowing that they are loved and enough, as they are. 

It’s time to rethink how we are nurturing our children from the start.


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