The Playground of Life

We are a village that nurtures the full potential of future generations, together.

We support you and your family in reclaiming your joy, curiosity and authentic nature during these times of change

Meet the creator, Ashley Avinashi

The Playground of life stemmed from one mother’s dream to be able to live her best life alongside her children. To inspire them from the place of authentic connection, to live out their true expression while she lived out hers.

We have the opportunity to revolutionize the world in just one generation by how we raise children. Will you be a part of the solution?” 

This is Ashley’s first question for most parents today. 

As the founder of Raising Humanity, certified parenting coach and international best-selling author, she’s had many questions on her own parenting journey. 

“Am I truly giving my children what I would have wanted for myself?” was the one that came up again and again in her early years of parenting. 

From her lifelong journey of learning, inspired by her own mother, Raising Humanity was born. And now, a desire to integrate children more richly into a community where they can be who they actually are. While the adults around them unlearn their way back to that place.

Ashley Avinashi
Certified parenting coach, best-selling author and  founder of Raising Humanity