The Playground of Life
The Playground of Life
We are a village that nurtures the full potential of future generations, together.

We support you and your family in reclaiming your joy, curiosity and authentic nature during these times of change
A place to land and feel supported to reclaim joy, curiosity and your authentic nature during these times of change.

A village that nurtures the full potential of future generations, together.

This is the future of learning.

Join inspired families creating an inspired world, today!

An Experience for Your Child

Have you been looking for a way that supports your child in their own rhythm? Do you feel that they have unique gifts and talents that are missed in the context of big classrooms?

It is completely normal to feel that packing lunch, rushing out of the home each morning is not optimal for the well being of you or your family. Sometimes, your child may have a stomach ache, needing to rest longer. You may be moving slower some morning as you are on your moon cycle or forgot to pre make meals over the weekends. This is how our bodies move naturally. They pause to listen and connect to emotions, and cycles of nature. They are not meant to function the same way each and every day.

This is why we have created a flexible and holistic framework for your child to enjoy! Our diverse team of mentors are here to nurture the potential that already exists within your child.

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Sessions work out to less than a cup of coffee each day!

Daily live sessions for children with diverse mentors

Parenting and alternative education resources

Monthly Workshop for families

Exclusive parenting community and support

Once signed up, please spread the word! Having more in this space allows us to bring more to you! 

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


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